Making Mary
Making Mary is more than a brilliant five star historical novel or the most compelling love story ever told. This is based on true accounts of an Escambia County, Florida family that succumbs to the bright north star and follows it in the Great Migration up through the Great Depression of the Roaring 20's.

Welcome to the Official Site for Rising South Literacy School. We use art as a means to heal. Our primary focus is domestic and cultural literacy.

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Our goal at Rising South is to increase cultural and domestic literacy in members, the community and the world. We offer workshops to help victims of violence cope as well as escape, and we use art at its finest to teach, depict, unravel myths and to heal. At RSLS, we offer publishing opportunities and teach drama, giving all participants the skills necessary to move forward in their fields.
Making Mary was written to keep the memory of Vivian Johnson alive. She was a princess. Making Mary has evolved into a novel that can awaken sleeping princesses today. Nonetheless, men are even more astonished at the majesty carefully laid out in each chapter.
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If Angels are Men
(Min. Ishmael makes his acting debut as 'Eugene' in this play about slaves who dare to have a utopian view of 21st Century America.)
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This Land is Your Land
A play that addresses date rape, foreclosure issues and predatory lending practices. This comedy is about an elderly man who stands to lose his home due to unpaid taxes. The legendary hip hop guru and founder of WHODINI, the Rapper Jalil and Exstacy (WHODINI) appear in this production
Rise, Angie, Rise
Another RSLS great--this one described as "The best play Muhammad has ever written." Rise, Angie, Rise is a dramatic comedy about a star high school athlete who must choose between letting his circumstances rule him or overcoming his obstacles as one from homelessness and despair.
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Flowers While You Live
This play explores the depth of self motivation and improvement techniques in an inspirational and spiritual comedy for the entire family.

Producer of the stellar 5 star novel,

Making Mary by Dedra Muhammad

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The First Chapter of Making Mary
APEX Reviews Rates Making Mary at 5 Stars

Review #3:

I quickly became 100% hooked on Sister Dedra Muhammad outstanding novel. Carol, Vivian Minnie,Lee, Henry, Eli --- it really seems like I've met them all on the road we call life. As a writer Sister Muhammad is much more than good she's great. I strongly admire like the way that she weaves precious gems of wisdom in the midst of passion and drama. She is teaching a superior message almost below the threshold of conscious perception .

Just take a brief look at her primary characters : Growing up in the south Lee received positive feedback for his negative lifestyle .
Being in the state of triple darkness that our people were in at that point in our history it would have been almost impossible for him to act out any role other than the role afforded as an extension of plantation life- a baby making, love her and leave her type of man. His insecurities are seen anytime he perceives a chance that he might lose the one reality that he loves---Vivian.

Don't hate him, rise above emotion and try to understand him. His problem is that he doesn't know himself. Blinded by falsehoods, lies and a poor self-image. Many of us have been there in one degree or another.

Vivian and Minnie may be too sides of the same coin. Both are defensively deceptive due to their exposure to Carol's relationships with men (not including Eli, who is the best embodiment of true manhood).The difference is that Minnie deceives herself while Vivian deceives others. This may have helped lead to Henry's dilemma of loving Minnie but feeling in love with Vivian. Two sides to the same coin.

Read this book. Meet these characters. It is impossible to be intellectually indifferent with knowledge of that caliber around . Though the pen of Dedra Muhammad you will explore your own soul. Herbert Sulaiman Shabazz

APEX Reviews Rates Making Mary at 5 Stars

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"If Angels are Men"
It was first aired at the Von Braun Civic Center in 2006 and again in 2010. Minister Ishmael Muhammad was a part of the production. He made his acting debut in the role of "Eugene". If Angels are Men, 1864 slaves dream of a utopian 21st Century America.

Rising South Literacy School's Cultural Media Street! We use art as a healing mechanism. Although the superior media you'll find on this site is filled with comedy, satire and drama, the author finds a way to actively offer a unique look into issues that effect us all. Rising South is direct when it comes to date rape, domestic violence---predatory lending, foreclosure, the importance of agriculture and more.
Muhammad is a professional counselor, consultant, educator with over sixteen years experience working with teens and adolescents. Public speaking topics include all of the aforementioned, as well as Bullying, suicide prevention and awareness and safe schools.

The versatile Author Muhammad also recently wrote and produced what was rated the "Most culturally rich and brilliant stage plays that EVER hit the south." In If Angels are Men, 1864 slaves imagined a utopian America in the 21st Century, and their dreams landed them into that future. This dramatic historical musical is featured here, and was first aired in Concert Hall, at the Von Braun Civic Center in Huntsville, AL.
If Angels are men is a majestic tribute to Michael Jackson.

Rising South Literacy School's Cultural Media Street!
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Rising South Literacy School Invited Dancers from HOUSE ARREST TWO

DVD Release for "This Land is Your Land"

DVD release of More information about our help center: We want to help bring awareness to issues that plague our communities. Rising South Literacy School's spring project called "This Land is Your Land" and the culminating event, a concert 'n cinema production (a phrase coined by Jalil of WHODINI) was a huge success. Two projects RSLS produced before the musical were 1) A seminar focused on bringing awareness to date rape and 2) A finance seminar that teaches about high interest rates, predatory lending practices, and how to avoid forclosure.

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Types and Signs of Abuse
Abuse Statistics
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(The comedy laced musicals bringing awareness to issues such as date rape, domestic violence, agriculture, foreclosure, predatory lending, etc.)
If Angels are Men
Rise, Angie, Rise
This Land is Your Land

DVD Release and More
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By Dedra Muhammad. Copyright 2005 makingmary