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My Movie Making Mary from Dedra Muhammad on Vimeo.

Interview w the Creator of "Making Mary" the Book, Play and now Movie, Dedra Muhammad! Big Up to my #RisingSouthLiteracySchool fam! #itsabraveworldoutthere*****

Posted by IRIE Swag ENT "it's a brave world out there" on Saturday, August 29, 2015

Making Mary
Disguised as a historical romance novel, Making Mary TOUCHES US ON SEVERAL LAYERS as precious gems of wisdom are weaved in the midst of passion and drama. The author is teaching a superior message almost below the threshold of conscious perception. Making Mary is the majestic and extraordinary story of the life and legacy of Vivian Johnson, a princess, yet a troubled soul trapped in an even more troubling time in American history. Based on true accounts, Vivian's Escambia County, Florida family succumbs to the bright north star and follows it in the Great Migration up through the Great Depression of the Roaring 20's.

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If Angels are Men
Rise, Angie, Rise
This Land is Your Land
Flowers While You Live

#BuyBlack On SALE!!!
How did you hear about this?
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By Dedra Muhammad. Copyright 2005 makingmary